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Pennington Creek Lodge

If you're looking for the right spot to hold a summer camp, weekend retreat, business meeting, church camp, or family reunion, Pennington Creek Lodge may be the place for you.  The Lodge is located along beautiful Pennington Creek in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. Its peaceful, natural setting provides a great place for fishing, swimming,  hiking, bird watching, or just relaxing.  To reserve, call 580 371 2369.

                Main Lodge
                                    Pennington Creek, just below the lodge
                    Pennington Creek rocky riffle
                    Covered Bridge on trail


North Cabin
10 bunk beds, heating and air conditioning, 32' by 16' space

South Cabin
13 bunk beds, a connected bathroom with two showers and one stall, heating and air conditioning, 40' by 20' space

Two full beds, privacy, 14' by 18' space

Men's restrooms-two showers, two sinks, two stalls
Women's restrooms-two showers, two sinks, two stalls

Game Room
Ping Pong table, plenty of space to entertain, heating and air conditioning, 15' by 32' space

Meeting Room
Couch, love seat, fireplace, Capacity 60, 28' by 28' space

Attached to the meeting room: two refrigerators, range, oven, microwave, sink, minimal dishes

Covered Pavillion
Picnic tables, great view, 15' by 32' space

Hiking Trails
Wooded, through some hills, rocky outcrops, creek overlooks

First 4 hours, plus $25 each additional hour
Lodge Hall (capacity 60) Kitchen, Restrooms, Grounds
~no overnight~
For 10 hours
Lodge Hall, Kitchen, Restrooms, Grounds
~no overnight~

                             Weekend Retreat or Reunion
Lodge Hall, Kitchen, Game Room, Restrooms, Grounds,
~Noon Friday to 11:00 a.m. Sunday~
$10/ person per night
Cabins, Lodge Hall (capacity 60) Kitchen, Restrooms, Grounds
~Must provide own linens~
$15/ night
(two full beds)
~Must provide own linens~
$1/person per day

                                       Week Camp
$60/ camper, plus $1/camper per day for insurance
4 nights lodging
10:00 a.m. Monday thru 11:00 a.m. Friday
~Must provide own linens~
Campers have access to all facilities:  Lodge Hall, Kitchen, Game Room, Cabins, Cottage, Restrooms, and Grounds

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